Wednesday, January 8, 2014

20 time update

        20 time has been a very fascinating project and has allowed me to help better younger students lives. Throughout my 20 time experiance I have tried numerous possibilities of how to help students better themselves from videos to live skype calls. In the end, it was decided that skype calls would be more beneficial. So far I have successfully completed one skype session where I helped two third graders with a blog that they wrote about the schools holiday meal.
Initially I read the blog I was shocked due to my knowledge of writing papers, but then again they are third graders. Once I got on skype with the two kids I started by asking what they thought they did well on. They told me they liked their introduction which I disagreed with but went with anyway. I told them it was good for a start, but what it needed was a hook and a well developed thesis which I then proceeded to explain. Eventually, the two kids realized that what I was saying was right and in the end they fixed it.

        Soon after, I saw that they were using too many point of views and that when they used quotes without incorrectly. The two kids kept switching from first to second person. I then went on to explain that only one point of view could be used in a paper and that for this they would want to stick to first person. I don't know how, but somehow the kids messed up their point of view because of the quotes. Shortly, I had them correct their incorrect quotes by separating them from the paragraph and make them their own paragraph. This fixed most of the point of view problems and made the quotes correct.

         As I got to the bottom of the blog, I realized that there was no conclusion. I asked them where it was and they said they didn't have one. On that note, I explained to them that they always have to have a wrap up two to three sentences to summarize the blog regardless of the type of paper. Lastly, I helped them fix their multiple gramarical errors, and with that the skype call came to an end. Afterwords, I reviewed what I had done with the kids to the teacher and she was greatly pleased. She then proceeded to tell me that my call would be a great help to share with the class to better their writing skills.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

20 Time Update

Since my passion has a weak link to my career choice I see that someone with my passion could not benefit from my information unless they too want to be an Engineer. My passion is learning making my career choices unlimited. I say this because anyone can go into any job if they learn how to meet the requirements and function in the business. My paper is all about Chemical Engineers and Mechanical Engineers and their similarities and difrences.

I have been working really hard with my 20 Time project. For example, I have worked out the bugs in contacting the class for tutoring and I have already done one tutor session with two girls to fix their blog on the holiday meal. On the next day three my authority and I have planned another session possibly for math tutoring because we already did a writing session. By doing these skype tutor sessions I am able to complete my 20 time project and meet my goals of helping children who need extra help with school subjects.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Professional options pertaining to my passion

My passion is learning so from ther are endless oppertunities for jobs to persue. My dream is to grow up and be a successful engineer. Engineering isn't just a job it's a feild with many sub-categories of jobs in it. For example, types of engineering jobs are Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Computer/Software, Consulting, Electrical, Environmental, and many more. I origionally planned to go into chemical engineering but now I'm not sure. Depending on the classes I take now could decide what sub-category of engineering I would go into.

There are a lot of places for engineeres, can work. Some examples of places I could work if I met the requirement are National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Google, The Boeing Company, Apple, Mcrosoft, GE Aviation, United States Department of Energy, Ford Motor Company, Walt Disney Company. Most of these work places are looking for mechanical engineeres but there are other opening for other engineeres there as well. Luckly I plan to either be a chemical engineere or machanical engineere. Due to the job openings I may have a chance at any of these positions when I get older. Now all that's left if meeting the requirements.

I like all of the options provided above but what I like the most is, like I said before, is to become a machanical or chemical engineere. I'm not sure why I like these options. I just seemed to take an interest in them since 7th grade. The places I would like to work at the most would be either NASA, Disney, or the Unites States Department of Energy ( U.S. D.O.E ). I like these job options because I have always loved NASA and Disney and I think it would be cool to have an important government job.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Week After 20 Time

I found 20 time to be a great experience for me. Through this process I have learned so many life lessons. I think that the most beneficial lesson that I learned was that there is always another way around an obstacle. Upon learning this great life lesson I was able to change authorities and have everything ready for pitch day. In other words, if I never came across this lesson I would have been stuck, been very far behind in my work, and would have nothing to show for all the time we spent on 20 time.

This life lesson isn't only good for 20 time reasons. An example of how this life lesson can benefit me in other classes is through math. Math is known for it's problems constantly needing solutions. The great thing about math is that there is always more than one way to get the solution you want. It will take time to reach the goal want, but in the end you will achieve it. Finding another way get around the obstacle happens in my life all the time. Drama never stops but there are ways of either getting around it or solving it then and there. All it takes is finding the way.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Pitch Day Experience

Pitch day was amazing! I loved everything about it. In my opinion nothing went wrong for anyone especially me. In the beginning I thought thid was going to be really hard and that I would freeze up and mess up. What was I thinking!? I did the complete opposite! Everyone loved my presentation and my project, I didn't mess up, and I didn't make a complete fool of myself. I'm especially proud of my self for getting my assistant principal to fall in love with my work. She wanted me to go through with this project no matter what for the kids because to her they need this. I couldn't agree more. In fact, another teacher asked me to help his child with my program. I'm so glad I did this project. Now all that's left is the final speech. I bet I'll ace it.

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Results

Through this project I have learned a lot about myself. I have learned that I need to get out of my comfort zone and think outside of the box. I have also learned that there is always another way around an obsitcle. From this project my work etchic had definitely changed. I learned that I can't procrastinate because it then leads to cramming and non quality work. Now my strategy is to get everything either plan everything out for spacing or to get things done as soon as I get them.

As I worked through the project I had encountered many problems. The first problem I encountered was finding out what I could do. I spent somewhere from 4 days to a week trying to get an idea and one night it hit me, Tutor for Tots. Another problem I had was that my authority never got back to me so I was put behind on work. The last problem I had was how I would tutor the kids because of my academic and athletic schedules. I would be left with maybe an hour of time on my good days. It's a good thing that my teacher and I came up with the idea of video tutorials and how to's.

The easiest part of this project for me was doing the research and contacting my second authority. Contacting my second authority was easy because she was a local elementry school teacher and my friends mom. There were a lot of hard parts of this project but if I had to pick one it would be contacting the authority. Like I said before, the organization never contacted me back which I completely understand because people are busy. Some times moving on is the bast thing to do.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Contacting my Authority

I have consulted my teacher and her and I both agree that I don't have the time to to tutor these kids. Since my authority has not contacted me back we have come up with an alternate solution. Her and I have decided for me to contact my local elementary school and see what subjects these kids need help in. From there I could make little how to videos of what to do or skype individual children for extra help if possible. This way I can still tutor children and make a difference. I have revised my questions to ask the organization to ones I would ask the school.

I have contacted one of my friends parents who is a third grade teacher at the local elementary school. When I talked to her about the program she had no issues with it. In fact, she loved the idea of the program. We talked and we decided that the videos are a great idea and that she would post them as reference guides. She even gave me some video making apps to get me started. Along with that she emailed and google shared her lesson plans with me so I could make the videos.

I learned a lot from this project. An example of an important life lesson I learned was that there is always another way around an obstacle. From here I plan to make an amazing presentation for pitch day and get started on my tutorials. Thanks to my problem solving with my teacher I am ready to do both of these things.